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The most important value shared among MGI Worldwide member firms is “a safe pair of hands”.  When our firm is supported by a fellow member in another part of the world, we need to be sure that our client’s precious business will be looked after with the high quality and expertise that they are used to at home.

MGI Worldwide’s quality assurance (QA) systems are innovative and efficient. While MGI Worldwide does not have the resources of the very biggest firms, with their globe-trotting QA departments, they leverage member expertise and technology to focus QA review and remediation where it is most needed.

The MGI Worldwide QA Review

The MGI Worldwide QA system is based on the international quality standard ISQC-1.  Every year, firms report through responsive, multilingual, online systems on their compliance with MGI Worldwide standards. MGI Worldwide systems give immediate feedback for items that need improvement and remediation. To help foster continuous improvement, MGI Worldwide offer web-based training and support.

On site reviews

Every three years each member firm is subject to an onsite review. The whole of MGI Worldwide’s review process is supported and operated by a leading audit and accountancy training and quality review company, SWAT UK, part of the training and quality specialist group, Wilmington plc.

Our quality

MGI Worldwide’s Technical Committee, which supervises the QA system, evaluates the level of QA controls in each firm and scores its performance. Improvement and re-review plans are agreed upon. Firms which systematically score low in QA and show no sign of improvement are dismissed from MGI Worldwide.

MGI Worldwide takes quality assurance seriously – it is at the heart of how we deal with our clients and the reputation we have built during more than 70 years of international service.

MGI Worldwide is proud to be recognized as a member of the Forum of Firms, an association of over 30 international accounting networks whose objective is to promote consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.

All members of the MGI Worldwide network are encouraged to use the “A Member of Forum of Firms logo” and supporting text on their firm websites and in communications in order to take advantage of the marketing benefits this provides.

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